Spanish manufacturer of high performance marine valves.

SAVAL | MARINE VALVES has over 50 years’ experience in the naval industry (both civil and military), with a wide range of valves, such as:

Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Swing Check Valves, Safety Valves, Quick Closing Valves, Ball Valves, etc.

With the possibility of being certified by any classification body and with a 100% traceable European origin in all its phases of execution on its raw materials.


Founded in 1965, Saval has remained in the market as one of the reference manufacturers of Globe, Ball, Check, and Gate Valves for marine and industrial sectors.

In 2012 Saval S.A. became part of the Fernández Jove S.A Group.

In 2015 Saval moved its factory to the group’s new facilities in
Torrelavega (Cantabria), northern Spain.

  • Saval: Valvunaval is founded by engineers from Euskalduna Shipyards (Bilbao).

  • Saval: Diploma of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry in September 1971 for the development of export activity.

  • Saval: Becomes SAVAL continuing as a manufacturer of high quality valves, mainly for the naval industry.

  • Saval: Company taken over by Fernández Jove Group.

  • Saval: SAVAL moves to its new facilities in Cantabria.

  • Saval: Close cooperation with leading navies in the development and manufacture of high-quality valves.

In 1973 the shareholding is acquired by Pegler Group, dedicated to the naval and petrochemical valve industry.

During the recession at the end of the 1970s, the group decided to close several production plants, including the Burgos plant. At that time, the company’s employees were offered the opportunity to keep the shares and became Valnaval Sociedad Cooperativa, formed by 57 cooperative members.

The company remains a cooperative after several ups and downs and staff reductions until 1994. Later this year Saval de Válvulas is founded with ten former cooperative members,
maintaining, and establishing itself in the national and export market as a leading manufacturer
for clients such as Astilleros Armón, Astilleros Gondán, and later Navantia (2004
homologation with crash test 1000).

During these years, considerable exports to the German market were achieved (approx. 400,000 €/year) for Siemens transformers, ABB, etc. With the beginning of the import of valves from Asian producers at very low cost, this niche market has come to an end.

In 2012, the Fernández Jove Group acquired the entire company, subjecting it to a process of reorganisation and modernisation that allows Saval to continue competing in the different international markets in which it operates, becoming one of the best European manufacturers of high performance valves.

Nowadays Saval is a benchmark company in the naval industry.

Quality System

Saval Valves is ISO and Shock Test certified
All Saval Valves regularly undergo rigorous quality testing that guarantee the product, and the reliability of its performance. We have the highest certifications in terms of quality, testing and traceability of materials.


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