PRIOR is capable of monitoring and controlling actuation systems, actuated valves, 
sensors, and other external equipment.

PRIOR has a wide range of applications, from shipbuilding (civil or
military) to the industrial sector.

In collaboration with another company of the Fernández Jove Group, SAVAL valves have
 been designed and developed to be remotely actuated in all types of
 actuation present in the market (electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic).

Thanks to the experience in the sector, based on the supply of actuated valves for 
many years, SAVAL is able to advise the customer on the optimum actuation of the 
valves required.

On the other hand, due to the synergies present in the Fernández Jove Group, SAVAL valves (and
 other brands) can be part of the remote-control system monitored by PRIOR CONTROL, software developed by the Fernández Jove Group, which provides the client with 
the security of optimum performance thanks to the experience of more than 15 years that the 
Fernández Jove Group has been remotely operating valves in projects all over the world.

Control Prior