Most relevant information about our special valves for navies. Valves with approvals are available:

TYPE APPROVAL: LLoyds Register, Bureau Veritas, Der Norske Veritas
In our product section you can check out a detailed technical data sheet of each of our valves.
  • European Product.
  • All SAVAL valves are subjected to rigorous tightness and
    mechanical resistance tests of the housing and the seat.
  • Materials sourced only from approved foundries, using the best
    materials depending on the application.
  • Saval valves are stronger and more durable because the body and bonnet are
  • Disc (single piece) with stop nut for optimal sealing.
  • The (metal-to-metal) seat union is not damaged when the plug closes on the ring.
    (of the seat)
  • Higher pressure without loss due to the characteristics of the valve stem.
  • Possibility of mechanical opening indicators

Certified Quality

Saval Valves has ISO certification, testing and Shock Test.
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Testing Standard

These standards specify the requirements, procedures and acceptance criteria for
production tests.
Saval® Quality

ISO 5208

 Metallic Valves Pressure Testing.

API 598

 Valve inspection and testing.

UNE-EN 12266 - 1 y 2

 Industrial Valves. Testing for metal valves.

Pressure Testing for valves

(PN 10/16 – PN 40)

Mechanical Endurance & Tightness Test of the valve housing.

  • PN 10/16 >> 1.5 x PN (valve)
  • PN 40 >> 1.5 x PN (valve)

Seat Tightness Test

PN 10/16 >> 1.1 x PN (valve)
PN 40 >> 1.1 x PN (valve)

Packing change

Saval's design allows replacement of the packing without the need to isolate the valve and avoid shutting down a production line or pressure in a piping system.
See the following instructions for replacing the packing:
  • 1

    Open the valve fully so that the valve is in the upper position.

  • 2

    Loosen the bolts on the sides of the cable gland and remove it.

  • 3

    Remove the gasket using the appropriate tool.

  • 4

    Prepare new packing material by cutting this mitre.

  • 5

    Fit successive turns of packing ensuring that the cuts are positioned at 90° on the successive turns.

  • 6

    Replace the cable gland.