Saval Valves

With over 50 years of successful experience in the industry, our technical team has the knowledge and capabilities to be the best possible partner in supplying a vessel’s valves.

A production capacity that is committed to flexibility and service by and for the customer as the main element of its internal planning, always focusing on solving critical situations that may arise to our customers.

Saval is committed to the manufacture of high-quality valves to ensure the best possible performance and durability against the usual effects of corrosion in aggressive environments.

We pass on our experience in the sector to our clients, advising them on the most suitable materials for each service.

We are known for using bronze as opposed to stainless steel in saltwater services

  • Corrosion Phenomenon
  • Stress Corrosion
  • Galvanic Corrosion
Saval products


Technical strengths of our valves
Válvula de Compuerta

Gate valves

  • Option internal BrNiAl: High resistance due to low wear on spindle and seat.
  • In diameters > DN300; the rings are threaded, preventing them from coming loose.
  • Packing replacement: Ease of maintenance
  • Inner and outer spindle possible where space is an issue.
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Swing Check Valve

  • Metal-to-metal seats ensure high durability
  • Discs attached to hinges with double fastening to prevent detachment.
  • The special SAVAL design with inclined seat ensures that the valves are always closed
    even when the ship oscillates.
  • Low pressure drops coefficient.
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Válvula Clapeta
Válvula Globo

Globe valve

  • Larger diameter and double threaded spindles: More pressure resistant.
  • Minimal wear of the seats as the disc is frictionless thanks to
    our design.
  • Seats are integral, not pressed, preventing leakage.
  • Packing replacement: Easy maintenance.
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Quick closing

  • Turnkey service.
  • Design of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric actuators.
  • Bearing type shaft/plug connection for easy resetting, easy maintenance of the spring
    in position and no friction between the ring surface and the plug.
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Válvula de Cierre Rapido