Valves for Engine Cooling Systems

If you are looking for an effective and reliable solution for your engine cooling systems, our 3-way motorized ball valve system is the perfect choice to ensure and control the direction and quantity of the appropriate refrigerant flow and efficient temperature regulation. It is particularly effective in applications where precise control and balanced flow distribution are required.

Motorized ball valves are the ideal choice for optimizing flow and controlling fluid direction, allowing for remote programming and control, parameter adjustment according to process demands, and optimizing the energy efficiency of your systems.

What makes our 3-way valves stand out?

✅ Our valves are manufactured in Spain under our registered brand, Saval. We proudly offer products of quality and reliability.

✅ They are made with high-quality bronze, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear. This ensures reliable operation and extended lifespan, even in demanding environments.

✅ Our valves have undergone rigorous shock tests to obtain the Shock Test certification. This means they have demonstrated their ability to withstand extreme conditions and continue to operate optimally without compromising safety, efficiency, and durability in demanding environments.